Our Founders

In the vibrant heart of Melbourne, amidst its iconic laneways and lush green parks, Daniel Sturrock found himself embroiled in an unexpectedly challenging quest. His objective? To secure a rental property. It should have been straightforward, but reality proved contrary.

Systematic and organised, Daniel approached his search with optimism, certain that the many online portals would offer a plethora of choices. Yet, days turned into weeks, and what seemed like promising leads turned into disillusionment. Overcrowded viewings, misleading online photos, and fleeting listings became the frustrating norm.

On one particularly discouraging day, having waited for hours in line only to find the property far from its online portrayal, Daniel sought solace with an acquaintance, Phillip Bellifemine. As they settled into a cozy corner of their favorite café, Daniel vented his frustrations. To his surprise, Phillip had his own grievances to share.

Phillip, a landlord himself, was facing the opposite end of the spectrum. While he owned a well-maintained property, attracting quality tenants was proving to be a challenge. He lamented about potential renters who seemed promising on paper but turned out to be unreliable, causing undue stress and financial strain.

The two, one a weary home seeker and the other a frustrated landlord, realised they were staring at two sides of the same coin. Their combined experiences painted a clear picture of a rental market rife with inefficiencies, leaving both tenants and landlords in the lurch.

Amidst the ambient sounds of the café and the gentle hum of Melbourne's bustling streets, an idea took root. What if there was a platform that catered to both the renter's and landlord's needs, streamlining the process for both? A platform where authentic listings met genuine renters, backed by a system ensuring quality on both sides?

This shared vision led to the inception of 'Rentless'. Phillip, with his insights as a landlord, and Daniel, armed with his recent rental experiences, collaborated to create an intuitive and user-centric platform. Their mission was simple: to transform the Australian rental landscape by bridging the gap between renters seeking quality homes and landlords in search of trustworthy tenants.

Born from personal struggles and a shared determination to redefine the rental experience, Rentless emerged as the beacon of hope for every Australian in the rental ecosystem.


Daniel Sturrock

Phillip Bellifemine

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